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Since 2016, Pricemoov is much more than a software program using Artificial Intelligence technologies, it is first of all a team of passionate driven by the ambition to deploy our passion for technology as well as our business experience at your service. The opportunity represented by the new technologies of Artificial Intelligence to respond to concrete business problems fascinates us. But above all, we want to enrich it with a human side, with collaboration, and bring out a combination of knowledge. Our team was built at the crossroads of knowledge related to pricing and revenue management on one hand, and technologies related to machine learning and web applications on the other. 

Today, this collaboration allows us to keep our high level of requirement : to support companies through the various stages of pricing development, in order to manage their revenues and growth.


The Pricemoov team brings together different expertise in order to offer a complete solution for price management and optimisation, adapted to the needs and maturity stage of each company.



Our data scientist creates algorithms that feed on different data sources to better understand customer behavior, analyze market strategies and automatically calculate the price that achieves your goals.


Our teams share their pricing experience in multiple sectors in order to support you in defining and implementing your pricing performance improvement projects.



Our solution brings together all your price data in one place, allows your teams to work together on a unified price strategy, thanks to ergonomic interfaces that allow you to define your price strategies, implement them through your teams and continuously monitor their performance to ensure that you achieve your goals.



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