A team of passionate data scientists for your business.


Pricemoov was born from an easy assessment: the digital outbreak, the customer shift towards omni-channel shopping, and the need for more transparency have turned pricing into a crucial element of marketing and sales strategies. Yet price has never been so complex to define. Despite an increase in available business data, it is still a rare thing for businesses to be absolutely confident that their prices are fully aligned with their strategy. This is why we see pricing as a science, relying on tangible elements and generating instant results. By using business data, we allow companies to better understand their customers, their market, and to optimize their pricing strategy. And because company resources are key to their success, we involve their staff at the core of this strategy. It is the combination of field expertise and data science which will lead to a sucessful and well managed revenue strategy.


Our team is driven by a comon ambition: harnessing our passion for technology and our business experience to the benefit of companies. We are fascinated by the opportunities brought by AI technologies in the field of data management. But we aim at enriching it with a human side, with collaboration, to see the emergence of a combination of knowledge. Since 2016, our team has aquired skills at the crossroads of AI, web applications development , revenue management as well as a strong experience in the rental industry. Today, this collaboration allows us to keep our high level of requirement: bringing true added value to the companies which put their trust in us.

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