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Use our smart method to define, implement and pilot your pricing. Gain control over your prices and their performances, rapidly and effortlessly.

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Create a Price List

A Price List is defined by a list of products, a period of validity, sales terms and conditions and of course by a list of prices.

With Pricemoov, create different Price Lists for any specific sales channel, type of clients or moment in the year.

Adjust your prices

Modifying your prices can be time consuming.

With Pricemoov, you can easily modify the price of one product in a Price List, and take massive pricing actions upon product groups.

Organize your Price Lists

As you can have multiple Price Lists

Pricemoov helps you handle the relations between them, link a Price List with one another and define which one prevails for any situation.

Share your Price Lists

From your Pricemoov console, you can export any Price Lists in any format, share them with your colleagues and connect them directly to your systems and sales channels.

Connect your data

Through an API integration or with the manual file importer, add any data to your Pricemoov console : costs, sales, stocks, competition, website traffic...

Find these features in our packaged solution


Manage all your prices accross your marketplace channels and webstores in a fast mooving context


Manage the pricing of large catalogus, taking into account the local specificities of every store in a multichannel strategy


Pilot and implement a revenue management strategy tailored to your organization and your competition, to optimize your capacity and maximize your revenues

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