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More than a platform, our team of pricing experts are here to ensure your success.

We understand that every company has unique pricing requirements so we prioritize partnering with you and building the right strategy for you. Our team of pricing experts leverages advanced data science to lead complex pricing projects alongside your teams. Our role is to help you give meaning to your data, understand your revenue drivers and build a successful pricing strategy.

Our services

Pricing performance audit

Data consulting to identify the pricing optimization levers to activate, based on historical data analysis

  • AI based segmentation to understand the different purchasing behaviors and sensitivity across your products and channels

  • Elasticity modeling and demand forecasting

  • Optimizing your pricing strategy and projecting the potential additional revenue

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Pilot the Pricemoov solution

Assess the potential of additional revenue by trialling the solution

  • Ensure the solution fits your organization and helps your team save time

  • Run the pricing optimization models to test performance

  • Follow-up on KPIs during the pilot to see overall impact

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Implementation of a tailormade solution

Deploy a solution that is adapted to your organization and your business objectives 

  • Data feeds and connections to information systems

  • Creation of customized forecast and pricing optimization algorithmic models

  • Setup of the solution and customized interfaces

To deploy a tailormade solution

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Training and onboarding

Benefit from our pricing expertise

  • Pricing and revenue management structure for your teams

  • Onboarding of operational and commercial teams to use the platform

  • Help for monitoring results and building new strategies

Our Team

Our team of pricing experts has a unique combination of data science, data engineering, system operations, data architecture, pricing strategy and analysis expertise gained across many different industries.

We have built a platform composed of advanced data treatment tools and models based on machine learning technologies for segmentation, forecasting and optimization.

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