Get insights on your pricing

Get a clear view of the performance of your prices to be able to analyze and adjust your pricing strategy.

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History of price changes

Do you keep track of any price changes you make?

Don’t worry, Pricemoov stores all your price changes, promotions and strategy modifications.

Track your KPIs

Visualize how your price positioning evolves over time and how it impacts your sales and revenue.

Configure your performance dashboard, monitor your KPIs in the platform or receive them directly in your mailbox.

Export reports and data

Do you want to run further analysis on Excel?

Pricemoov lets you export all your pricing data and KPIs in the format you prefer.

Connect your data

Through an API integration or with the manual file importer, add any data to the Pricemoov platform: costs, sales, stocks, competition, website traffic, and more.

Find these features in our solutions


Manage all your prices across marketplaces and webstores.


Manage the pricing of large catalogues and adapt your multichannel strategy to market dynamics.


Define and implement a revenue management strategy.


Optimize your pricing across multiple client relations.

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