Manage your prices like an expert

Pricemoov is here to change the way you manage your prices. Simply, strategically and dynamically.

  • Zen

    Manage your prices with ease

  • Pro

    Implement a pricing strategy that will build your success

  • Smart

    Become the most agile in your market

How ?

Deploy your prices easily

A clear view of your prices and pricing levers

Forget Excel and manual operations. You can now manage and monitor all your prices from a centralized platform. Follow personalized recommendations to build a winning pricing strategy.

Manage your prices like an expert

The power of smart pricing

Set the right price automatically at all times

By scanning competitors, leveraging seasonality and forecasting stock levels, Pricemoov can optimize your pricing to market dynamics.

User friendly

Easy to set up and easy to use

Team friendly

Effective collaboration

Rapid results

Fast time to value

The Impact

The right pricing for your business

A clear view of your prices and the actions to be taken

Helping you save time and drive accuracy to revolutionize your pricing strategy and win market share.

Pricemoov gives you the necessary insights and smart price recommendations to:

X 10

The number of prices managed


The time spent collecting and analysing data to modify prices

Basic Pricing

  • Few factors are taken into account

  • React too late to market dynamics

  • Prices don’t fit the business

  • Isolated and non-synchronized pricing actions

  • Similar pricing for all products

  • No follow up of pricing movements

Strategic pricing

  • Consistent factors considered

  • Anticipate market dynamics

  • Personalized prices

  • Pricing strategy implemented by the whole team

  • Strategy adapted to products and objectives

  • Performance analysis

Making better pricing decisions more accessible

Good pricing is not just about going 10 cents below the competitor. It takes into account the dozens of levers that we transform into simple and directly actionable recommendations.

Pierre Hébrard

Co-Founder & CEO

Pierre Hébrard

Co-Founder & CEO

The platform that helps you unlock your revenue potential

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