Manage your prices like an expert

Pricemoov is here to change the way you manage your prices. Simply, strategically and with no more mistakes.

  • Zen

    Handle your prices without mistake or sweat

  • Perf

    Target the rates that will build your success

  • Smart

    Become the most agile in your market

How ?

Pilot your prices easily

A clear vision of your prices and your levers

Forget the Excel and the manual operations. You can now manage all your prices from a unique console and monitor their performance. Follow the personalized recommendations to build a true strategy.

Manage your rates with the skills of an expert but without raising a finger

The power of smart pricing

Propose automatically the right price at any moment

By scanning the competitors, leveraging the seasonality, or forecasting the market evolution, Pricemoov can optimize your pricing to turn it into a true war machine. With the recos of our AI, you always sell first. And at that path, you sell more, more rapidly.

Go light

One config and it is on

Team friendly

The whole team is performing

From zero experience

Effects immediately

The Impact

The right pricing works for your buisness

A clear vision of your prices and the actions to be conducted

Helping you save time and avoid the mistakes, it is obvious. Driving you to the point where your pricing becomes strategic and you win market shares, this is where we revolutionize things for you.

Our platform gives you all the necessary insights to pilot your rates better than an expert. And for most strategists, Pricemoov computes smart price recommendations to make you unbeatable.

Multiplied by 10

The number of prices under control

Divided by 5

The time spent collecting and analysing data to modify prices

Basic Pricing

  • Little factors are taken into account

  • React too late to market

  • Prices don’t fit the clients

  • Isolated and non-synchronized actions

  • Similar pricing for all products

  • No follow up of pricing movements

Strategic pricing

  • More consistent factors

  • Anticipate the market

  • Personalized prices

  • Pricing policy performed by the whole team

  • Strategy adapted to products and objectives

  • Performance analysis

Why ?

A need. An answer.

Pricmeoov is a startup, but we are not here to save the world. Only the energy lost the pricing sheets.

Everywhere it is the race for clients. Companies make significant efforts in marketing and branding to sell… all while missing their pricing lever.

Good pricing is not just about putting 10 cents below the competitor. It takes into account the dozens of levers that we transform into simple and directly actionable recommendations.

Pierre Hébrard

Co-Founder & CEO

Pierre Hébrard

Co-Founder & CEO

The tool that prompts you the right strategy ...

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