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Increase your sales and maximise profits with the pricemoov repricing solution.

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Réagissez à la vitesse de l’éclair pour vendre plus, à des prix plus élevés

Avec le repricing dynamique, vous positionnez vos offres de manière attrayante pour les acheteurs. La solution Pricemoov fonctionne de manière rapide et intelligente. 

Augmentez vos ventes : faites de votre pricing une véritable machine de guerre pour avoir toujours une longueur d’avance sur vos concurrents.

Trackez les prix de vos concurrents:  Exploiter la politique tarifaire de vos concurrents et donner un boost à vos ventes par canal grâce à l’ajustement dynamique des prix mais pas aux dépens de vos marges !

Adaptez un prix dynamique:  Réussir votre stratégie omnicanal avec un pricing dynamique pour ajuster vos prix selon votre canal de vente ( site E-commerce, Marketplace(Amazon,Cdiscount,Fnac....), point de vente...)

Before Pricemoov, I had to update prices every day manually on all my stores. It was time consuming and I couldn't be on all fronts! Now, I don't miss any more sales and I never let myself be overtaken by my competitors.

Damien.L -


Damien.L -


Connect your webstores and marketplaces in no time

The fastest repricing with Pricemoov

The more quickly you react to changes in the market, the longer your will stay ahead.

Whether a competitor is changing its prices or is out of stock, your sales are falling or your margin is eroding, we react immediately with the right action to meet your objective. Nothing goes under the radar, you are in total control of the market with Pricemoov.

Monitor your margins, Master your profitability

The objective of repricing is not to cut into your margins! 

That's why with Pricemoov you can simply import your costs, and establish minimum margins adapted to each of your products.

You have complete control on how much you want to reduce your price in order to reach your goal. Not a cent more.

We increased our profits by 20% after the implementation of Pricemoov. We adapt our price according to the sales context. On a range of our catalog, we look for the buybox with the best price and the most optimal margin. Pricemoov has enabled us to increase our sales volumes and margins, and stay reactive to our competitors.





Effortless setup, immediate launch 

  • Create your Pricemoov account

  • Connect your different stores

  • Import your costs

  • Launch your strategies by configuring the min and max.

  • Monitor performance and adjust strategies

Pricemoov's repricing strategies

  • BUY BOX: Get the buybox automatically, and optimize your prices once you get it!

  • CUSTOMIZED STRATEGY: Create a rule based on a multitude of parameters for a personalized strategy.

  • MAXIMIZE MARGIN (coming soon): The price is continuously adapted according to the evolution of sales to optimize margins.

  • MAXIMIZE VOLUME (coming soon): The price is continuously adapted according to the evolution of sales to maximize sales volumes.

  • A/B TEST (coming soon): Automatically test multiple prices and analyze the impact on sales.

Strategies adapted to each of your products

Select the volume or the margin? Why not both?

Affiliate the right strategy for each of your products.

Group your products and assign strategies to product groups to save time! Buybox strategies for buybox products, margin strategies for bottom-of-catalogue products...

Pricemoov is friendly interface gives us global visibility on our performance per channel and across our entire catalog. Pricemoov's alert system provides us with information on the actions we need to take to achieve our objectives.





Full Price History

Keep track of the history of each pricing action and its impact on your sales, margins or positioning. You don't lose a single piece of data and your history is your best weapon to understand the market and make the right decisions!

Always keep an eye on your performance

Your performance dashboard is your mission control council. Follow the evolution of your performance and be alerted of actions to be taken :

  • Number of orders 

  • Top sellers

  • Price changes

  • Buybox gains and losses

  • Products with declining sales and profitability

Good pricing is not just about putting 10 cents below the competitor. It takes into account the dozens of levers that we transform into simple and directly actionable recommendations.

Pierre Hébrard

Co-Founder & CEO

Pierre Hébrard

Co-Founder & CEO

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