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Pricing with Agility: How to Protect Your Margins During Heightened Inflation

Discover how to implement a granular pricing framework that empowers you to navigate rising inflation effectively. You’ll uncover strategies and tactics to optimize pricing in the context of costs, competitors, and customers, paving the way for success during times of economic uncertainty. 

Inflation ebook

With double-digit rates around the world, inflation is putting companies under growing pressure. Inflation goes hand in hand with higher costs, and businesses face the risk of eroded margins if they don’t transfer cost increases to customers.

As inflation and costs increase more than ever and more frequently, companies can harness the power of pricing to de-risk the impact of inflation on profitability and growth.

In this ebook, you will discover:

  • Chapter 1: Feeling the Pressures of Elevated Inflation

  • Chapter 2: Static Pricing is Obsolete in Today’s Inflation Context

  • Chapter 3: A Pricing Framework Built for Agility to Navigate Rising Inflation

  • Chapter 4: Implementing a Granular Pricing Approach to Address Heightened Inflation

  • Chapter 5: Agility in Pricing Yields Profitability During Rising Inflation