Pricemoov for B2B

In the B2B world, the pricing strategy can be very complex, and making the right quote is painful for salespeople. With Pricemoov, you will make better quotes, faster, while implementing a pricing strategy that optimizes your sales.

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Create a pricing structure adapted to your organizations and your sales objectives

Gain in visibility and agility to pilot your pricing levels.

  • Import your product library and build your list prices based on margin objectives and product attributes

  • Build your business rules to apply rebates and price corridors according to deal size, client segments and regions

  • Create volume discount policies

Create a performing quote in no time

Decrease time to quote while improving quote accuracy.

  • Access optimal discount and product fit with a unique question-based flow for new and existing clients

  • Receive suggestions of upgrades, up-sell and cross-sell to increase deal size

  • Create quotes in any format you need – web page, link, pdf, Word, or Excel

Streamline your quoting process

Improve your quotes performance.

  • Stock all your agreements in one place

  • Follow up on quotes and invoices

  • Monitor your quoting performances

Help sales team work together with a validation workflow

Suppress any friction in the sales process to ensure harmony between your teams.

  • Create approval request to make discounts outside the company’s policy

  • The sales manager can consult all the requests and validate them in one click

  • Receive requests directly in your mailbox or mobile phone for better reactivity

Let our AI identify revenue opportunities

Increase revenues by unlocking all your potential.

  • Connect easily to ERP and CRM to collect transactional data

  • Spot potential for price increases and deal renegotiations

  • Identify all inconsistent price points

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