Pricemoov for Ecommerce

Optimize your online sales with Pricemoov. Automate price calculations with pricing strategies adapted to your specific products and ecommerce channels. Gain visibility of your performance and proactively adjust your pricing.

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Connect your webstores and marketplaces in no time

Track competitor prices

Get a clear understanding of the positioning of your products in every market

  • Track competitor portfolios

  • Follow the evolution of competitor prices

  • Use competitor prices in your repricing strategies

Automate the repricing of your products

Automate price calculations based on repricing rules

  • Manual pricing based on market dynamics

  • Advanced pricing rules that find the optimum selling price

  • Margin protection safeguards

Implement differentiated strategies

Adapt repricing rules to specific products with a tagging system

  • Competition-based strategies for products with strong price perception

  • Cross selling-based strategies for middle segments

  • Elasticity-based strategies for independent products

Increase visibility and proactivity

Track your performance and react in real time to market dynamics

  • Set performance alerts

  • Set market alerts

  • Receive alerts from dashboards directly in your mailbox

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