Pricemoov for Retail

In today's digital era, consumers have adopted new purchasing behaviors and retailers face new challenges: omnichannel customer journey, price transparency and dynamic pricing. Pricemoov offers a solution that allows retailers to optimize their assortment and pricing strategy across multiple shops and web stores while maintaining control over their pricing.

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Build the best pricing strategy for your assortment across multiple shops

Centralize all pricing data and benefit from the agility of our platform to build a strategy adapted to your requirements

  • Easily import product assortment and enrich with product attributes, family architecture and linking rules

  • Define your sales channels and cluster your points of sales in consistent pricing zones

  • Implement pricing strategies based on competition, cost, value or markdowns and adapt to products and pricing zones

Collect external data to assess the market

Get visibility of market dynamics to take appropriate actions

  • Local competition data with manual input or automated web scraping

  • Other useful data including cultural, business events and weather

Run promotional campaigns with AI-based sales forecasts

Increase the performance of your campaigns

  • Implement promotions and campaigns

  • Simulate the effects of the promotion with algorithms, before implementing them

  • Track performance with dashboards and alerts

Collaborate on pricing decisions with all stakeholders

Help teams work hand in hand to improve control on prices and performance

  • Build specific roles for headquarters, franchises and integrated shops

  • Create validation workflows and recommended prices across teams

  • Use specific interfaces with dashboards adapted to each team

Implement a dynamic pricing approach

Increase proactivity to market changes with dynamic pricing

  • Manual pricing based on product attributes

  • Advanced pricing rules that find the optimum selling price

  • Connect to your price tag system

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