Mastering Cost Volatility in Retail: Intelligent Pricing in Action

Watch our webinar to learn how Samkaup, in partnership with Pricemoov, expertly navigates cost volatility in retail to boost profitability.

Webinar - Mastering Cost Volatility in Retail Intelligent Pricing in Action

As businesses face the constant challenge of adapting to rapid changes in costs—from raw materials to transportation—maintaining stable profit margins and operational efficiency has become more crucial than ever.

In this insightful 45-minute webinar, we'll explore the complex dynamics of cost volatility, its root causes, its profound effects on grocery retail, and how leveraging modern pricing software can help you grow revenue and gain time. Follow Samkaup, Iceland's largest grocery retailer, through its journey navigating cost volatility with manual pricing processes and partnering with Pricemoov to achieve dynamic and transparent pricing.


Our expert speakers will uncover:

  • The Reality of Cost Volatility: The pricing struggle due to constant cost fluctuations and how Samkaup faced this challenge compounded by its manual price update process.
  • Strategic Responses to Volatility: How companies can adapt pricing strategies using innovative approaches and how Samkaup has overcome manual pricing challenges

  • Technological Solutions: How Pricemoov gives retailers like Samkaup the agility to manage price adjustments dynamically ensuring quick reactions to market volatility

  • Future Outlook: Predicting the long-term effects of continuing economic volatility on pricing strategies and business operations

Join us as we delve into strategic responses to these challenges, leveraging next-gen pricing software and real-world insights from industry leaders at Pricemoov and Samkaup.

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