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Live price lists

As your market keeps changing, you need to adapt your prices accordingly. That’s why we created live price lists that update your prices dynamically for each product according to their price logic.

With Pricemoov, you can create live price lists for each channel, type of client or seasonality throughout the year.

Price logic

Price logic automatically updates prices. There are different types of price logic based on competition, margins and elasticity. You can even create your own price logic customized to your business.

With Pricemoov, you can adapt the price logic to each product and each channel.

Alerts and rules

Keeping up with the market is key, but your time is precious and you must focus on the most impactful tasks.

With Pricemoov, you can create your own alerts for specific situations, for instance when sales are down or competition is aggressive. In addition, you can define rules that will automatically implement a specific action when the situation occurs.

Connect your data

Through an API integration or with the manual file importer, add any data to the Pricemoov platform: costs, sales, stocks, competition, website traffic, and more.

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Manage all your prices across marketplaces and webstores.


Manage the pricing of large catalogues and adapt your multichannel strategy to market dynamics.


Define and implement a revenue management strategy.


Optimize your pricing across multiple client relations.

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