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Live Price List

As your market keeps changing, you may want to update your prices accordingly. That’s why we created a live Price List that updates your prices dynamically for each product according to its price Logic (see below).

With Pricemoov, you can create live Price Lists for each channel, type of clients or moments in the year.

Price Logic

The Price Logic will automatically update the price. There are different types of price logics : based on the competition, the margins, the elasticity… You can even create your own price Logic customized to your business.

With Pricemoov, you will parameter the price Logic adapted to each product in each channel.

Alerts and rules

Keeping up with the market is key, but time is rare, and you must focus on the most decisive actions.

With Pricemoov, you can create your own alerts to be warned when a specific situation occurs. For instance when sales are down or competition is aggressive. In addition, you can define a rule that will automatically implement a specific action when the situation occurs.

Connect your data

Through an API integration or with the manual file importer, add any data to your Pricemoov console : costs, sales, stocks, competition, website traffic...

Find these features in our packaged solution


Manage all your prices accross your marketplace channels and webstores in a fast mooving context


Manage the pricing of large catalogus, taking into account the local specificities of every store in a multichannel strategy


Pilot and implement a revenue management strategy tailored to your organization and your competition, to optimize your capacity and maximize your revenues

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