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The Essential 2024 Pricing Calendar: January - June

Keep abreast of crucial deadlines and strategically organize your pricing initiatives for the first part of the year using this comprehensive calendar.

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As we embark upon the start of the year, it's time to finalize your pricing plan and organize your pricing activities for sales events - like Easter and Mother's Day - and peak shopping periods. This comprehensive half-year pricing calendar is designed to help you prep and pace your pricing and promotional activities to make informed decisions, improve competitiveness, and boost profitability.

This calendar lays out useful reminders and expert tips for all your essential pricing dates:

  • Strategizing and budgeting - Chart your course with precision by setting goals, allocating resources, and devising effective pricing strategies

  • Seasonal promotions - Ride the wave of peak demand during Easter, spring, etc., as our calendar guides you to optimize prices and grow revenue

  • Key events - Seize the opportunity to boost sales with meticulously planned promotions for major dates like Mother's Day and Memorial Day.

  • Agile price setting - Identify trends, assess the effectiveness of specific pricing tactics, and make data-driven adjustments to improve profitability and customer satisfaction

  • Strategic initiatives - Embrace innovation and explore cutting-edge concepts such as sustainable pricing and data-driven strategies